[VIDEO] DS Digital Marketing Spotlight: Duke University’s Sonja Likness

September 1, 2020

The Digital Summit Digital Marketing Spotlight is a weekly live Q&A with some of the leading experts in digital marketing, business, innovation, and more. The show is broadcast live to our Facebook page Wednesdays at 3pm ET.

In the premiere episode of the program, our VP of Marketing, Kip Edwardson, chats with Duke University’s Director of Social Media and Content Strategy, Sonja Likness. They covered a bunch of social and content strategy-adjacent including:

[01:40] Sonja’s role at Duke, how her team is distributed, and their decentralized approach to video content production

[05:20] The ecosystem and approach of Duke’s student-run video channels — YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Snapchat, and TikTok

[07:35] Their approach and attitudes to adopting new platforms like TikTok

[09:45] Duke’s branding guidelines and approach by social platform

[12:45] Sonja’s take on current YouTube trends and how those impact Duke’s YouTube strategies and brand approach

[16:45] How COVID-19 is impacting communication practices at Duke, being nimble and flexible, and Sonja’s team’s social media strategies for students, faculty, and the Durham community-at-large.

[19:10] Sonja’s most and least favorite parts of her job innovating at Duke, crisis communications, and more

Sonja most recently spoke at our Digital Summit at Home event in August, leading the session How to Go from a Regular Brand YouTuber to a COOL Brand YouTuber (which Kip and Sonja discuss in the video), and how to optimize your YouTube strategy and design.

Want to check it out? You can access Sonja’s session and all of the other session, workshop, and keynote recordings here.

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