Gen Z Marketing: 6 Things You Need to Know

June 21, 2021

Gen Z, which is made up of 13-25-year olds, is the largest living generation today. Most brands have struggled to effectively tap into this important, tech-savvy market that is notorious for not wanting to be marketed to and will take deep dives into topics they are passionate about.

One common mistake that is made is ignoring the fact that Gen Z is VERY different from Millennials, and the ways that they are marketed to must take this into consideration.

In this Digital Summit at Home session, Bixa’s CEO and author Sarah Weise delivered captivating anecdotes and actionable trends and tips for ways brands can connect and engage with this young market to grow their business.

The Buying Power of Gen Z (6:00)

Even though Gen Z is only comprised of people under the age of 26, it accounts for an astonishing 2 in every 5 American consumers. In fact, this demographic influences $655 BILLION in consumer spending, which demonstrates massive purchasing power from this group of young individuals. Yet, brands are still struggling to find ways to reach this target audience and don’t fully understand how different they are from millennials.

Key Trends Driving Gen Z Business (8:00)

Weise sheds insights into some key trends and ways that brands can tap into this market of consumers who offer a sustainable lifetime of potential value.

It All Starts With Your Product & Value Proposition (8:15)

The first and most important tip Weisse provides is that to effectively reach Gen Z consumers, your product and value proposition must be on point. Everything from copy and images to messaging must resonate much quicker than ever before.

Gen Z consumers are processing information more quickly than any other target group, which means they are constantly flexing their attention from one screen to another and retaining what they are seeing. However, this overload of information has decreased their attention span drastically.

PRO TIP: To break through to Gen Z, your value proposition must be able to grab their attention rapidly. Focus on creating a tight message to reach your target audience in 7 seconds or less.

Building Trust & Creating Value is Critical (12:30)

Gen Z is more socially aware and active than previous generations, and brands have an opportunity to connect with their interests through their own stances and actions to make a real difference.

PRO TIP: Be thoughtful in your brand’s social efforts, going beyond a simple post stating support of a cause, and rely on action to prove your commitment that will resonate with the Gen Z crowd.

A Generation of Discerning Content Curators (14:00)

Gen Z are natural experts are collecting and curating content that they find value, from using Pinterest folders and operating a variety of different accounts to interact with different friends, influencers, and brands in various ways.

PRO TIP: Pay close attention to the ways that Gen Z is using various social platforms to find, share, and engage with content across each. The individual platforms all offer different benefits and use scenarios to Gen Z users, and brands should tailor their content for each platform accordingly.

Watch this portion of the session to see a detailed breakdown of what content is used in which ways for each of the major platforms.

Gen Z Loves Learning! (19:50)

Members of Gen Z genuinely enjoy learning, and they take to a variety of outlets to gather knowledge.

PRO TIP: Identify what opportunities your brand has to educate Gen Z consumers and produce content that delivers value to help enrich their minds and lives.

Authenticity is Key (20:50)

No shocker here, but Gen Z values authenticity immensely. They prefer to interact with the people and influencers far more than they do with brands. This trend has led brands to focus more on partnering with micro-influencers than large scale personalities with the goal of connecting with their audiences on a more “real” way.

PRO TIP: Produce and post content that feels real and attainable to the Gen Z audience, focusing more on actual lifestyle than traditional marketing content to connect in a more meaningful way.

Looking For Guidance on What Content They Should Consume (22:45)

While old generations ask themselves “What do I want?” and turn to search engines to find answers, Gen Z is asking “What SHOULD I want?” They rely on turning to their favorite content creators and the social algorithms to find the content that they are interested in.

PRO TIP: Whenever possible, optimize your content to be discovered by the various algorithms and partner with targeted influencers who are trusted by your target audience. And remember, the content must provide VALUE to Gen Z to capture their attention.

The trends and tips included in this session provide a strong glimpse into the minds of Gen Z consumers and the ways in which they are interacting with brand content as they make purchasing decisions. Through understanding that this set of consumers thinks, feels, and behaves differently than other customer demographics, and therefore, you must adapt the way that you are trying to reach them.

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