Steven Norris

Director, Media Relations and Social Media
Georgia Tech

Steven Norris directs the media relations and social media program at Georgia Tech, one of the world’s top research and technology universities. Since taking over, Georgia Tech’s flagship social media program has been ranked the top college in America on Twitter by the World100 Reputation Network and the #3 college nationwide on Facebook by RivalIQ and Georgia Tech’s social media engagement metrics have tripled peer counterparts. Enterprise social content has been shared by CNN, Good Morning America, BBC, ESPN’s SportsCenter, and The Ellen Show, among other national and international media outlets. Steven has served as a consultant for entities ranging from the Department of Transportation and the State of Alaska to Food Lion Grocery Stores and Coca-Cola. He has also worked as a strategic communications fellow for the United States Agency for International Development, the world’s largest aid agency. Prior to taking over external media operations at Georgia Tech, Steven was an award-winning journalist and social media strategist for television stations across the southeast United States. He is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker and global media researcher featured by France’s Auber International Film Festival, the Stockholm Film Festival, and the Academy Award-qualifying Out on Film Festival in Atlanta.