Peter Weinberg

Strategist and Channel Development
Peter-Weinberg Peter Weinberg, Strategist and Channel Development for LinkedIn works on LinkedIn’s Brand Strategy Team, helping LinkedIn’s largest clients and their agencies develop best-in-class B2B marketing strategies. Peter has spent the last few years following digital advertisements down stream from a creative shop (Dentsu 360i), through a media agency (MEC), right on home to a website (LinkedIn). Along the way, he's managed to acquire a diversified skill-set in the areas of creative strategy, content development, media planning, social media marketing, client services, and advertising operations. In his spare time, he’s a freelance writer and published Op-Eds in The New York Times and The Huffington Post and he rules over his own web domain at He's also working on my first novel — a SciFi satire that I expect to finish sometime within the next five decades.