Nicola Smith

Founder & CEO
Nicola-Smith Nicola Smith is the founder and CEO of REBEL & REASON, a branding, marketing, and cultural transformation consultancy and training studio based in Atlanta, Georgia. Nicola has spent over 17 years leading strategy around a myriad of first-to-market opportunities such as mobile marketing, social media, AR, VR voice, and gesture-based interfaces, mobile payment, AI, and for brands like Maybelline, Microsoft, Nestle, GE, HP, Cox Media Group, Verizon, Nike, Cisco, Visa, AT&T, Coca-Cola, GameStop, 20th Century Fox and more. As a public speaker, business owner, and corporate consultant, Nicola helps others learn how to use constructive rebellion to build brave brands that redefine the status quo, develop marketing strategies that identify and reach new customers, and cultivate company culture to encourage and incentivize “Can If” thinking for exponential growth.