Jon Youshaei

Product Marketing Manager
jon-youshaei As one of very few marketers to work at both YouTube and Instagram, Jon hasn’t just seen the digital revolution; he helped create it. During five years at YouTube, Jon was Head of Creator Product Marketing. In this role, he worked with YouTube's biggest celebrities and brands to grow their audiences – and their incomes. Last year, Instagram recruited Jon to lead marketing for their new video platform with goals of empowering a new generation of stars and businesses. Named Forbes 30 Under 30, Jon is heralded for "cracking the code for going viral" and ranked by NPR as "one of the best commencement speakers since 1774" alongside Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and John F. Kennedy. Jon also has a track record of creating viral content himself. As the cartoonist behind "Every Vowel," which Business Insider called "Dilbert for a new generation," Jon built an audience of 400,000 subscribers who read his weekly comics. In fact, Jon’s cartoons got so popular that Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh commissioned him to paint life-size murals for his office and Adam Grant used Jon’s cartoons for his TED talk, which has 12M+ views. As a writer for Time and Forbes, Jon’s articles regularly reach #1 with million-plus views. Lastly, as the creator of a show called "Admazing," Jon analyzes the world’s best and worst commercials from Apple, Pepsi, Samsung and more.