Eli Feldblum

Founder/SVP Search
Rank Above/Search Interactions/MWWPR

Eli Feldblum is an accomplished marketing executive with nearly 20 years of experience focusing on SEO and digital marketing strategy. In 2007, Eli founded RankAbove, the firm credited with creating the first enterprise SEO platform. He also co-founded the SEO and digital agency Search Interactions, which was acquired by MWWPR in 2018. From 2018 to 2021, Eli worked as SVP of Search & Digital Marketing at MWWPR, supporting successful paid search and SEO strategies for a wide range of clients in the publishing, television, music and entertainment industry and beyond. In 2021, he co-founded Sandler Digital, a digital marketing form focused on streaming and publishing, which counts major streaming platforms and news networks as its clients. Across Eli’s career, he has worked with top brands like Turner Broadcasting, Vox, Vice, New York Magazine, CNN, C-SPAN, Universal Music, Barefoot Wines, Omron Healthcare, Nikon, Chewy, VividSeats, Heineken, First Media and more. A strategy-focused senior executive, Eli has a proven track record bringing his client’s digital goals to life. With his impressive background and targeted expertise, Eli has brought success to hundreds of clients. When not working, Eli enjoys travelling, hiking, filmmaking, and writing short stories and essays, for which he has won several awards. Eli is based in New Jersey.