Allison Jordan

Director of Digital Strategy
Ideas Collide
Allison-Jordan Allison Jordan is the Director of Digital Strategy at Ideas Collide and has over 9 years of experience in global B2B multi-channel campaigns. Allison specializes in building strategies for and supporting the execution of sales enablement campaigns, account-based marketing campaigns, lead generation nurtures, partner program campaign initiatives and integrated personalization implementations across digital campaigns. She also has experience in digital customer experience strategies that include B2B audience research, persona development, journey mapping and digital experience click-path-mapping. Allison believes that companies have higher expectations on B2B marketing than ever before—they want to be treated more like partners and less like customers. Competing with a crowded and competitive ecosystem has increasingly demanded identifying new ways to collaborate and connect with customers. She believes that new technologies and connected tech-stacks make data-enabled learning and personalized executions possible and is the future of nurturing and marketing to B2B accounts.