Aalap Shah

SoMe Connect
Aalap-Shah Co-founder of SoMe Connect, Aalap Shah created an easy and effective way for businesses to establish and maintain an online brand. He is able to take his clients’ ideas and turn them into engaging, interactive experiences that resonate with their target market and bring visibility to their businesses. Aalap knows that developing innovative and strategic digital campaigns are a roadmap to success, and he brings this methodology to internationally known clients like Potbelly, CMK Realty, Medcor and TransUnion, amongst others. Prior to founding SoMe Connect in 2011, Aalap owned and operated two children’s toy stores in St. Charles and Geneva, IL. It was there that Aalap acted as an early adopter of social media and online marketing for the franchise, eventually driving him to start his own digital media agency. Aalap has also dedicated his life to philanthropy – serving as an e-council member for the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship, a board member for the Illinois Mathematics Science Academy and a volunteer for Teach For America. Aalap has also been recognized as a Crain’s Emerging Young Philanthropist and as the National Volunteer of the Year by Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship.