Speaker Agreement


I agree to participate as a speaker as part of the 2023 Digital Summit Series


With this acceptance, I understand and agree that:

Speaker Assets + Session Information

I will provide Digital Summit with the following speaker information by the deadlines provided.

  • Headshot/Bio - My bio (50 words) and headshot (minimum of 600x600px and 1-3MB in size)
  • Mobile Number - My mobile number (only used for on-site emergencies).
  • Presentation title and write-up - My presentation title and write up.


  • The Event is an educational event, not a sales or marketing platform. Digital Summit has booked me to provide an instructional and objective “how to” presentation that meets the educational needs of senior marketers across various industries.
  • I am the sole author of the Presentation; have not violated the intellectual property rights of another party and have permission to include all material in the Presentation, including, but not limited to, all copyrights and trademark rights.
  • Digital Summit has permission to share an audio recording and slides (PDF format) with registered attendees after the event.
  • Digital Summit may stream, record, transcribe, photograph, edit, display, and distribute, in whole or in part and in all forms and media, my participation in The Event, and consent to the use of any text, other image, or sound in conjunction therewith. I further waive and release all claims and rights that may arise out of such use in any jurisdiction, now or in the future, and specifically waive any legal restrictions on waivers of future claims. Digital Summit will not modify or edit the substantive content of the Presentation.


  • I will not be paid for my services as a Speaker, nor will my expenses be reimbursed, unless I have a separate agreement with Digital Summit regarding The Event. No fees will be paid on account of any reproduction or distribution of any materials that include any aspect of my participation in The Event.

By clicking on Submit below, I have read and understood this Agreement. This Agreement is governed by Virginia Law; choice of law rules do not apply, regardless of jurisdiction. If you have expressed different terms to the Digital Summit team in writing and they have been approved, this agreement will adhere to the new terms.

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