Instagram Marketing with Intention

October 6, 2021

Quinn Tempest, Create Your Purpose®

Session Recording and Slide Deck


Learn how to use Instagram with intention by balancing the trifecta of strategy, systems, and purpose. 


(3:55) Instagram Cliches 

“We’re tired and trying #allthethings.”

“The algorithm is out to get us.” 

“We keep ghosting our audience.” 

“We post and hear crickets!” 


You need to move from feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, and ready to give up to feeling intentional, purposeful, and strategic. 

Instagram is a big deal and it has changed marketing forever. It is powerful if you use it with intention. In order to master Instagram, you need to balance three things: strategy, systems, and purpose. 


#1: Strategy (7:00)

Document how you are going to reach your target audience and what content they will resonate with. Remember, Instagram is not about you! It’s about your audience. Approach your content with the phrase ”Let me help you!” 

Intentional Instagram marketing is an interactive experience of your brand that is creatively presented and strategically planned in order to build a relationship with your audience. 


(9:10) Clarify your content pillars

Content pillars will help you focus your content and help you get rid of the question, “What should we post today?”

Create a followable account. Choose four to six pillars that give people what they want while delivering what only you uniquely can. 


(11:30) Create content that elects engagement

Metrics that Instagram measures are likes, comments, shares, and saves. Shares and saves are more important than comments, which are more important than likes. 


Likes: the least amount of energy from your audience. 

Comments: your users are actually thinking about your post!

Shares: the most social engagement on Instagram.

Saves: This content is so valuable that your audience wants to save it to their library.


Examples of types of posts that get engagement are direct questions, inspiring posts, opinionated posts, and useful posts. 


#2 Systems (14:30)

You can have the best strategy, but if you don’t have a way to organize, or show up consistently and confidently, you won’t be able to build relationships and get the results you hope for. 

Use a dedicated Instagram tool. Two examples are Later and Plannoly. These types of tools can show a grid preview, help with media organization, allow you to have hashtag libraries, have an auto-posting feature, allow for comment moderation, preview best times to post, gives content filters, or allow story scheduling.

Learn how to repurpose. Take one piece of content and repurpose it for different parts of the platform to get more eyes on your content. You will be able to capture people who didn’t see it the first time. 


#3 Purpose (19:16)

Define your brand ethos. People are looking for something different on this platform. Bring your brand ethos to life. Here is a three-question framework to consider. 

  1. What does your audience care about? 
  2. What makes you unique? 
  3. What does your brand stand for? 


At the center of these three questions is your brand ethos. Ask yourself: How can my brand ethos come to life in my content? Root yourself in your business’s deeper intention. Let your “why” drive your “what.”