[VIDEO] Inspiration is Everywhere: Tips to Make Your Marketing Strategy More Interesting

Folayo Lasaki, Vice president, Head of marketing for Striped Elephant (SoulPancake), joined our Internet Summit in November 2019 and shared an awesome session filled with some great takeaways.

Her session highlighted 6 tips to consider when creating your content and strategy to make sure your content is interesting. There is currently a lot of noise, hacking algorithms is not enough. You have to understand what your brand is.

So here are the 6 tips she shared in this great session.

  1. Don’t sleep on the fundamentals – You don’t need to reinvent everything, you have to understand – who you are – why this matters to your consumer and  – what you are doing. How does what you are trying to do connect with who you exist for and why you exist. Remind yourself who, why and what! She shared a great quote by Maya Angelou “DO the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” 
  2.  Do Less, but better and bigger – You don’t have to do a lot, just focus on 3 things you do better than everyone else and the 1 thing you do better than the rest. Don’t be afraid to be bold but make sure you are thoughtful. Make sure it is different and it’s true to your why.
  3. Stay curious, know more. Read, listen, watch, pay attention, be interested and keep learning. In marketing, we need to read and stay informed on what’s going on in the world and in your industry. What are people responding to?
  4. Stand for something – Consumers care whether you care. Don’t participate just because it’s trending, understand what your organization stands for and be real about it. Staying silent isn’t an option anymore. Don’t be a hypocrite though, make sure you are genuine.
  5. Make it interesting! – Don’t focus on your past, use your data for the opportunity, and not imitate. You have to be original and use the data to create your own path. Don’t copy your competitors. What moves people to share is something that is different. She made a wonderful reference to SoulPancake’s video Laughing matters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3zdNzN1mfI worth checking out. 

Finally, Folayo tells us this is what she believes about creativity – “True creativity is not looking at what is in front of you but what could be.”  

We hope you enjoy this wonderful session. If it inspires you, consider joining us at a future Digital Summit event — now online through early 2021.

Karen Rubiano leads social media and paid advertising strategy and campaigns for Digital Summit & Internet Summit