Best Tools for SEO Campaign Tracking

When it comes to proving the value of your SEO efforts, having the right campaign tracking tools can make all the difference in displaying increased site traffic and revenue to your clients or in-house marketing team. 

However, not all SEO tracking tools are as comprehensive or as easy to use as others. Certain campaign tracking tools are more accurate while others have more helpful features to incorporate into your campaign reporting.

If you’re an SEO or digital marketer who wants to demonstrate results, build confidence in your clients, replicate successful campaigns, and make smarter strategic decisions, the below tools can help you do it.

Google Search Console

The original SEO campaign tracker, Google Search Console is a free platform from Google that allows site owners to track key performance indicators like average ranking positions and organic clicks. 

But unlike many SEO softwares, Google Search Console shows you every keyword that your website ranks for, helping you to get the most complete picture of the many ways SEO optimizations and content creation can drive clicks to your website. 

You can use Google Search Console to find keywords you are already ranking for and further optimize for those search terms. Or you can measure how your current campaigns are performing in relation to your keyword goals.

Other SEO optimizations that Google Search Console can help marketers track include:

  • Content Creation and Strategy: Whenever you publish new content on your website, you can track the impact almost immediately with full keyword rankings and impressions data.
  • Page Experience and Core Web Vitals Improvements: The Page Experience feature will show you whether Google sees your web pages as high-performing. Any SEO providers who offer site speed optimizations can prove their impact through this feature of the platform.

Site Authority Building: For SEOs who provide off-site strategies like digital PR and link building, the links feature track metrics like referring domains, total backlinks, top linking anchor text, and more with easily exportable reports.

GSC Insights from SearchAtlas

If you crave more features and visualizations when it comes to SEO campaign tracking, GSC Insights offers more options for SEOs but with the same comprehensive data as Google. 

Built over Google’s API, the tool boasts the same daily updates and accuracy but with advanced data visualizations that help you leverage SEO metrics for current and future campaigns. 

Some of the key features of this tool (that Google Search Console does not include) can help you level up your SEO campaign tracking to be more comprehensive and insightful. 

  • Total Keyword Position History: Track total keyword rankings and positions as far back as two years, and see all that data in one easily viewable chart 
  • Overall Rank Change: Displays total ranking positions gained or lost each day across all keywords. This can help you measure the impact of sitewide changes like link building, page experience improvements, or even algorithm updates
  • SEO Potential: This feature identifies the pages of your website that have the most organic traffic potential based on impressions and clicks. This gives you more insight on which pages to optimize.
  • Traffic and CTR by Ranking Position: Shows you the amount of traffic that your website is earning across all keywords by ranking positions, making it easy to prove the value of metadata optimizations and more granular SEO changes.
  • Keyword Cannibalization and Page Pruning: If you need to clean up the content on your website, or have multiple pages ranking for the same keywords, these features tell you exactly which pages are causing the issues and may need to be realigned or pruned for better ranking performance. 

Agency Analytics

For marketing agencies or those who provide SEO services to multiple clients, Agency Analytics is a great way to automate campaign reporting. Agency Analytics will combine all of the marketing data for a website – Google Analytics, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Social Media, etc. – into one centralized dashboard.

If you want to track KPIs across all of the digital channels driving traffic to your website, Agency Analytics can provide you with a high-level overview. However, the SEO data is not nearly as comprehensive or granular as the above two platforms, but this campaign tracking platform is particularly good for those agencies or providers who offer other digital marketing services in addition to their SEO deliverables. 

Some of the key features of the platform include: 

  • 60+ Marketing integrations: Pretty much any other marketing attribution platform you rely on can be easily integrated with Agency Analytics.
  • Daily updates: Like the above SEO tracking platforms, Agency Analytics also offers daily updates, meaning a real-time picture of performance.
  • White-label reporting and dashboards: For agencies and SEO providers, the white labeling options allow you to add your own branding to reports and client dashboards
  • Additional SEO tools: Like the other platforms on this list, AA also offers tools that help you understand site health and performance

Moz Rank Tracker

One of the earliest SEO software companies, Moz’s Rank Tracker is another helpful tool for SEO campaign tracking. As its name suggests, Rank Tracker tells you changes to your ranking positions for important keywords in your SEO campaigns.

Unlike Google Search Console and GSC Insights though, Rank Tracker only updates about once per week, meaning you don’t have access to the most up-to-date data. You also have to update to Moz Pro in order to do long-term keyword tracking. However, other features of the tool can give you a high-level overview of your site visibility and top performing keywords.

Some of the most useful features of this tool for SEO campaign tracking are:

  • Ranking Reports: Easily generate keyword rankings reports to share with clients or key stakeholders in your SEO campaign strategy
  • All Search Engines: Get access to rankings data from all the major search engine platforms, not just Google
  • Search Visibility: An informative metric for understanding whether you SEO campaigns are actually improving your site visibility in the SERPs
  • Other Keyword Tools: The additional features of Rank Tracker can help you conduct keyword research and prospect for future keyword opportunities

Final Thoughts on Campaign Tracking Tools

For SEO professionals and digital marketers, nothing is more helpful in retaining clients and earning new business than having comprehensive campaign tracking.

With the help of the right tools, you can visualize, measure, and track the success of your SEO campaigns. You can also use these tools to provide clients with comprehensive reporting and even use your own campaign metrics to do research, craft case studies, and create other content marketing assets for your business.

All of these tools listed above have free versions of their SEO campaign tracker tools that you can try. Explore each to see which provides the most useful and helpful features for your own SEO goals.