AI Content: The Good, The Bad & What to Do About It All

Cari O’Brien, Custom Content Solutions LLC

AI content tools like ChatGPT have taken center stage lately, and for good reason. They have the potential to help you streamline your content marketing efforts, thereby improving efficiency and allowing you to focus your time elsewhere. Sounds awesome, until you realize the limitations that come with using AI generators.

The biggest limitation of them all: AI generators have yet to learn how to create content that resonates on a human level. They cannot create branded content and what they do create lacks human elements that are the foundation of connection.

In this session, we’ll discuss those human elements and then identify what your content must include to stand out and connect. We’ll dive into the core marketing messages your business needs to get right and what you should know about your ideal customers. You’ll also learn a few key ways to incorporate AI tools into your content marketing process.

Session Recording and Slide Deck