DS Community Spotlight: Kristin Hassan

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Name: Kristin HassanKristin Hassan, Hashtag Health
Claim to Fame: Managing Partner, Strategy & Creative, HashtagHealth

What are your marketing superpowers?

Coming up with unique and empowering campaigns for our Clients that are inspired by creativity, driven by strategy, and grounded by business results.

What sources of info or experts do you pay attention to most to keep your marketing skills sharp?

I prefer to keep a pulse on the actual work that’s making waves, vs. the theology of social influencers. While they often offer a lot of great insights and perspectives, I think that great work speaks for itself.

What digital/marketing trends or technologies are you most excited about for 2020?

The health care industry has made incredible strides in integrating social media into their offerings, but they’re still behind the curve. I’m most excited to see how this conservative industry continues to evolve in leveraging some of the “newer” social platforms to better meet the needs of patients and their loved ones.

What’s a marketing win (or two) from this year that you’re especially proud of — client breakthrough, project initiative, etc?

As a social media agency that exclusively focuses in health care, we do a lot of work to help support patients and raise awareness of various diseases, such as breast cancer,  rare diseases, etc. There were several times this year that we received incredible feedback from patients and families that our campaigns helped inspire them to share their stories and helped them to truly “be heard.” For us, it’s always an amazing “win” when we know that the work we do makes a real difference. 

What’s your mantra for serving your customers and clients?

Never settle for “good enough” when we can always do things better.

What are your favorite non-marketing related activities?

When not at work, I love to spend time with my amazing family. I also train a lot of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu—it’s one of my biggest passions.


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