DS Community Spotlight: Emily Baird

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Name: Emily BairdEmily Baird, Nuun Hydration
Claim to Fame: Digital Marketing Manager, Nuun Hydration

What are your marketing superpowers?

Identifying meaningful customer segmentation, & creating engaging content to drive high open and click-thru rates.

What sources of info or experts do you pay attention to most to keep your marketing skills sharp?

I follow a few marketing leaders in related industries on Twitter, as well as subscribe to the newsletters from HubSpot, Moz, and UnMarketing.

What digital/marketing trends or technologies are you most excited about for 2020?

Personalization. Technology is finally allowing us to deliver customized messages, in the right place at the right time.

What’s a marketing win (or two) from this year that you’re especially proud of — client breakthrough, project initiative, etc?

I recently sent out a survey to our newsletter subscribers in an effort to learn more about them. Our goal is to use the survey results to better communicate with our customers by tailoring content to their interests. I was blown away by the response rate. We had a 40% open-rate, a 14% CTR, and a 100% response rate!

What’s your mantra for serving your customers and clients?

Make every customer feel like part of our extended Nuun family.

What are your favorite non-marketing related activities?

You can usually find me running, hiking with my pup, or playing board games with my friends and family.


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