Best of Digital Summit 2020: Sincro’s Colleen Harris on Making Google Analytics Work for You


We’re celebrating and spotlighting some of our favorite, highest rated sessions from our Digital Summit at Home events from 2020. Back in August 2020 at our DS at Home Event, Colleen Harris (@cdawg2610) Jedi Master of  Google Analytics from Sincro shared an action-packed session on making Google Analytics Work for You. Catch the full session video and TL;DR high points from her session below. Enjoy!

Google Analytics can be a digital marketer’s best friend when utilized in a smart way. With this said, it’s no secret that the data gained from Google Analytics can be overwhelming and create uncertainty about the best ways to adapt a website based on the findings.

In this awesome, PACKED, session from Digital Summit at Home in August, Colleen Harris discussed some of the basics of the Google Analytics platform before getting into specific actions that marketers should take when launching or revisiting how they are using the tools provided. Keep watching the Q&A at the end of the session for even more tips!

Google Analytics Cleanup (0:45)

Most brands are already leveraging Google Analytics as a basic level, but many are missing some key functionality based on how they have their account set up. Harris is able to offer some simple pointers on ways marketers can tidy up their account to ensure they are getting the most out of it, including:

  • Creating Google Analytics alerts to inform users via email or text whenever a certain action occurs to get a good understanding of a site’s traffic
  • Clean up the navigation dashboard to ensure that the right links are being clicked by site visitors
  • Checking site speed and load times
  • Leverage All Channel Reports to ensure your site contains all of the right tags and attribution to perform well

PRO TIP: Customize your Google Analytics reports and dashboards to focus on the things that matter most to your business.

Goals for Engagement & Conversions (10:45)

Once the base analytics are cleaned up, it’s time to formalize and set goals for a website. It is important to keep the user experience and the desired actions of site visitors top of mind to accurately create goals. Google Analytics provides deep insight into the behavior of site visitors that can help marketers to adapt the web platform to perform better.

PRO TIP: Create a checklist for your Google Analytics goals that you can constantly refer back to as a benchmark of site performance.

Using Google Analytics for Custom Attribution (17:20)

Google Analytics gives marketers a wealth of data that paints a picture of how their websites are obtaining visitors and performing. This includes analyzing organic and paid search results, links from social media and other websites, and other points of the marketing funnel that direct the audience to the website.

PRO TIP: As you get a clearer picture of where site traffic can be attributed to through analytics, adjust your marketing strategy accordingly to ensure that your full marketing efforts support the goals set for your website.

Google Analytics, when utilized properly, offers invaluable information and insight into how websites perform with target customers. Take the time to implement the actions discussed in this session will bring you closer to unlocking the full power that the platform offers!

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