Guest Contributor | Digital Summit


We’re inviting the digital marketing community to contribute written or video content to our Content Library at Digital

With 8-10k average pageviews of our Content Library per month and 50k+ social media followers, it’s a great way to amplify your ideas and expertise.

Things we’re looking for include:

Written Content

We’re looking for short articles that showcase your best digital marketing how-to tips and tactics, your unique insights on current or emerging marketing trends, or your inspirational thought leadership pieces.

How long? 500-ish words is awesome, give or take.

Guest Contributor

Video Content

We’re looking for short ‘Quick Tips’ tutorial videos focused on your favorite marketing (or marketing-adjacent) topic. These should be 3-5 mintues long and super tactical and how-to in nature.

Nothing uber-professional required here. A video shot with your webcam or smartphone, with a little attention paid to your setting and lighting is great.

Guest Contributor

Whitepapers and Reports

Have a whitepaper, research report, or other longer form piece of thought leadership you’re releasing to the public? Are you an author with a book recently (or about to be) released?

Awesome. Let us know about it, and we’ll gladly help spread the word.

Guest Contributor

Interested? Awesome!

Fill out this quick form and let us know which types of content you’d like to contribute. Have something that’s not on the list below? Use the “Other” option.