Digital Summit Guest Contributors

Welcome! Thanks for your interest in being a Guest Content Contributor for the Digital Summit. We are always on the lookout for new creators who have fresh marketing strategies, ideas, and tactics to share via our Content Library.

Please review the information and guidelines below. If you think your work is a good fit for our Content Library, please complete the form below to submit your idea.


What We’re Looking For

Written Content

We’re looking for short articles that showcase your best digital marketing how-to tips and tactics, your unique insights on current or emerging marketing trends, or your inspirational thought leadership pieces.


Video Content

We’re looking for short ‘Quick Tips’ tutorial videos focused on your favorite marketing (or marketing-adjacent) topic. These should be 3-5 mintues long and super tactical and how-to in nature.

Nothing uber-professional required here. A video shot with your webcam or smartphone, with a little attention paid to your setting and lighting is great.


Submission Guidelines

  • Who’s the audience? Seasoned marketers at medium to large-sized companies, including many Fortune 1000 companies. Entry-level content is not something we’re currently looking for.
  • Be original. We’re not accepting content to syndicate at this time. We’re only looking for fresh takes on the marketing/Martech ecosystem

Content Specs

  • For written articles, quality of content is more important than word count, but generally at least 500-700 words is a good reference point. Cite all of your sources and provide source links.
  • For videos, 3-5 minutes and very tactical/how-to in scope is ideal. Pay some attention to backdrop and lighting in your video, but professional production is not necessary.

Topic guidelines

  • For video content contributions, we’re primarily looking for tactical, tutorial-style lessons.
  • For written content, both tactical and trend-focused articles are welcome. Content depth and writing for our audience are key.
  • Give credit. If your content includes research or references to other sources, be sure to include those and give credit where it’s due.
  • No self-promotion. Product and company pitches will not be accepted.

Interested? Great!

Fill out this quick form and give us the details below. Have more than one idea? No problem. Multiple submissions are fine.

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