[VIDEO] DS Digital Marketing Spotlight: SearchLab VP Greg Gifford on Local Search Tips & Strategies

October 30, 2020

The Digital Summit Digital Marketing Spotlight is a weekly live Q&A with some of the leading experts in digital marketing, business, innovation, and more. The show is broadcast live to our Facebook page Wednesdays at 3pm ET.

Greg Gifford is VP of Search for the Chicago-based SearchLab. He’s equal parts SEO nerd, movie and music buff. One of his superpowers is helping small businesses maximize their local SEO reach. His talk, A Goonies Guide to Local Search is a favorite among DS audiences. It’s a fun, fast-paced tour through the many search tactics that small businesses should leverage to increase their local SEO footprint, and packs a much 80’s movie nostalgia into the presentation as it does SEO tips.

In this episode, Greg and Kip (Edwardson, Digital Summit VP of Marketing) talked a lot about local search tactics and more, including:

[01:37] Greg’s background and why he gets so excited about local search optimization
[03:00] Lessons learned from working with local auto dealerships that apply to other verticals
[04:00] Things that small business are asking for with local search
[05:00] The COVID factor and the increased importance of local SEO, and the impact on conference events
[09:45] Biggest changes he’s seen in digital marketing over his 20-year career
[11:54] Greg’s film background influence on his “Goonies Guide to Local Search” presentation
[15:30] Lightning Rounds –
  • Greg’s “desert island” choices – 1 search tool set, movie, and music band
  • The movie he wishes he could have marketed
  • The band or performer he wishes he could market
  • His all-time favorite movie quote

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