Session Details

eventApril 19
schedule3:15 pm - 4:00 pm
location_on Room 2

Stop Believing: Break Free from Marketing Nonsense and Learn What Works

You're constantly being asked to outperform. To do more with less. And what are you given to work with? Old, tired, biased tools and templates like personas, the marketing funnel, journey maps, and bland brand messaging that sabotage your marketing and sink your effectiveness. Make it make sense.

Stop wasting your time on marketing nonsense that doesn't serve you. In this no-holds-barred session, we’ll uncover the lies and dispel the myths dragging you and your brand down, and learn approaches that can actually help you connect with your audience and get them interested in your brand and what you have to say and sell. You’ll learn from the brands who are nailing it and see campaigns that are a cautionary tale of blowing it big time.

After this session you’ll be able to:

  • Avoid the harmful biases and assumptions built into the marketing templates and tools you use every day
  • Create an audience profile that helps your company understand the actual people you are trying to reach and what motivates them to buy or act
  • Talk about your company and your products and services in a way that breaks through the marketing noise and stands out to your audience

Who should attend: If you are a marketer at any level frustrated with traditional approaches and are looking for more innovative and effective ways to move the needle, this session is for you!

Why you should attend: This session combines inspiration and action so you’ll be energized AND acquire tools, processes and strategies you can immediately use back at work.