Matt Hertig

CEO & Co-Founder

Matt is a passionate entrepreneur and co-founder of ChannelMix, a marketing analytics firm that delivers holistic, accurate insight into marketing performance and ROI. Our mission is to be the end-to-end solution marketers can rely on to demonstrate the value of their work and provide a clear path to growth. Alight’s ChannelMix platform currently serves over 70 brands and agencies, including the NBA, Mattel, Adidas, and Tinuiti.

As CEO, Matt invests in his people as much as the technology behind the ChannelMix platform. He’s committed to building a culture that employees and clients love to be a part of – one that fosters communication, transparency, innovation and, most importantly, fun!

Matt is active on the conference circuit, hosts a number of interactive webinars, and has been featured across the web in places such as the Kansas City Business Journal, MarketingProfs, Digital Summit, Inc. and more. He enjoys speaking about the future of marketing and analytics and how marketing leaders can demonstrate value beyond vanity metrics and KPIs.