Session Details

eventMarch 29
schedule3:45 pm - 4:30 pm
location_on Room 3

Utilizing The Power of AI to Defend Your Marketing Budget

When the going gets tough, the first budget that usually gets cut is... you guessed it... Marketing. Done right, marketing is an investment that will pay dividends. What’s missing is a clear way to demonstrate marketing’s impact on business and defend your budget. This is where the power of AI comes in.

Matt will share the three keys to building an analytics strategy utilizing artificial intelligence, helping you eliminate marketing waste, increase marketing ROI by at least 10%, and quantify marketing’s effect on organizational growth.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Establish an analytics strategy that allows you to showcase the data that disproves the perception that marketing is an expense
  • Leverage AI to quantify the impact of a budget cut on customer acquisition and revenue
  • Learn how other marketers utilize AI to measure and optimize their marketing budgets and increase ROI

Who should attend: This session is ideal for data-driven marketing professionals, business owners, and decision-makers who want to better understand the impact of their marketing budget on organizational growth and learn how to utilize AI-driven analytics to optimize their marketing investments.

Why you should attend: By attending this session, you'll gain insights into the latest AI-driven marketing analytics strategies that can help you quantify the ROI of your marketing efforts, minimize marketing waste, and defend your budget. You'll learn from real-world examples and walk away with practical knowledge on how to harness the power of AI to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of your competition.