Paige McCrensky

VP of Sales Marketing and Brand Communications
Getty Images

As a senior marketing executive, Paige has worked both for and with some of the world’s most influential brands, from American Express to Unilever, and was named as one of Folio’s Top Women in Media and Luxury Daily’s Luxury Women to Watch.

At Getty Images, a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace, she helps marketers, brands and agencies find the right tools to connect with customers all over the world, while supporting the company’s global efforts to create and promote the use of authentic, inclusive visuals in the media.

Most recently, she helped spearhead brand partnerships, collections and guidelines, including the #AutisticOutLoud campaign with Hiki and Mindshare, the global DE&I Imagery Toolkits with Citi, the Project #ShowUs campaign with Dove, The Disrupt Aging® Collection with AARP, LGBTQ+ guidebook with GLAAD and The Disability Collection with Verizon Media – all of which seek to combat harmful stereotypes and re-picture the world around us.