Session Details

eventJune 28
schedule1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
location_on Room 3

Indispensable Automated Journeys & Test Strategies for Maximizing eCommerce Revenue

Today most email service providers (ESPs) offer marketing automation as standard, yet how many brands fully deploy the power of multi-email-message journeys and orchestrations - let alone test and optimize them over time? While studies have proven automated email programs can deliver as much as 80% of channel revenue vs. broadcast campaigns, putting them into practice and iterating for success remains a challenge. This session reveals the must-have email marketing automations that boost revenue while improving customer loyalty.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Utilize a priority list of essential email journeys every e-commerce marketer should be sending
  • Apply best practices for designing, measuring, and iterating automations
  • Use a roadmap of what’s worth testing to optimize results

Who should attend: This session is primarily for marketing specialists, managers or directors from B2C brands using email to drive direct sales who want to get more bang for the buck from the channel, market smarter and maximize revenue.

Why you should attend: You’ll learn the what, how, and why of email automation success plus ways to optimize essential journey performance. Don’t miss this compelling session rich with actionable ideas and real-world results that will leave you inspired to accelerate marketing automation!