Speaker Applicant FAQ

I’ve sent in my application. What are the next steps?

You’re all set! Our speaker’s team will get in touch if your applicant is selected.

It’s getting close to the event and I still haven’t heard back. What should I do?

The latest we will reach out is 30 days prior to the event. Due to the volume of submissions our team only reaches out if an applicant is selected.

Can I send in an application via email?

The only place to apply to speak is via our submission form here: digitalsummit.com/looking-for-speakers/ or on an individual event city’s site under the ‘Apply to Speak’ tab.

When is the best time to submit my application?

The sooner the better! We start accepting applications a year out from the event date.

The event is approaching soon and I’d like to submit an application. Do I have a chance of being selected?

Absolutely! Although we generally have most sessions and speakers confirmed, there is always a possibility of a last minute cancellation. We also consider applicants for other locations should the proposal be a good fit.

Can I receive feedback on my application?

Unfortunately due to the volume of submissions our speaker team is unable to provide individualized feedback. Feel free to check out our infographic for tips on how to get your session proposal noticed.

How can I submit for more than one city?

Our submission form will give the option to select any event locations you’re interested in speaking at.

The form isn’t working, how can I submit?

If you’ve attempted to submit your application and received an error, please reach out to [email protected].

How should I apply?

Feel free to submit your application here.

What are some tips to get my application selected?

Send in a speaking submission that (1) provides a specific, narrow topic (versus broad subject matter that’s just theoretical); (2) demonstrates an educational presentation format (think an advanced “how to” session); and (3) is tailored for marketers with at least five years of experience or more (beginner-level or 101 information doesn’t resonate).

I have a lot of topics I can speak on. Which one would be the best fit for the event?

Pick a focused, teachable marketing topic that allows you to go in-depth with the subject matter and provides attendees with practical tactics/strategies they can apply to their own marketing efforts. And of course, selecting a topic that you’re excited about doesn’t hurt either.

Do I create my own abstract or are there already session topics in mind?

Yes, all speakers submit their own abstract on any topic that’s relevant to digital marketing.

If I purchase a pass to attend the event and then I am selected as a speaker, can I receive a refund?

Absolutely! We can also transfer that pass to a colleague as an alternative.

Are there any fees associated with speaking?

There are no fees associated with speaking at any of our events.

I’d like to be a speaker, but I’m also interested in potentially sponsoring. How do I do both?

Feel free to reach out to our Sponsor team at [email protected] or (650) 549-5151