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  • One pass level, everything included 
  • Longer, 45-minute sessions
  • Industry-centered roundtable discussions
  • Fireside chats & expert-led mentoring
  • Tons of extra fun like happy hours, giveaways & more!
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"Thank you for planning this wonderful conference. It was 100% worth my time. I really appreciate your dedication to creating a quality experience."

"I've never left a Digital Summit without my head swimming with new information, ideas, and things to help our agency grow."


"I don’t think I’ve ever come away with so much knowledge and actionable items!"

"I am so happy that we get the recordings, because there was so much awesome information. I will be referencing and rewatching for a while!"


"I’m excited to implement every idea that was sparked at Digital Summit!"

"Can you see the smoke coming from my ears? My brain is on fire from all this great knowledge sharing!"


"Overall, it was great! Thank you for all your work putting it together!"

"I'm sure this was no easy task, took a lot of planning, and you had many unknowns/challenges. Overall - you nailed it. Great job and I'm glad I attended!"