[VIDEO] DS Digital Marketing Spotlight: Brand Strategist and Author Sterling McKinley on Creating a Binge Worthy Brand

October 7, 2020

The Digital Summit Digital Marketing Spotlight is a weekly live Q&A with some of the leading experts in digital marketing, business, innovation, and more. The show is broadcast live to our Facebook page Wednesdays at 3pm ET.

In this episode, Kip (Edwardson, DS Head of Marketing) sits down with Sterling McKinley, brand and marketing strategist, and the author of the best-selling Binge Worthy Branding: Build Customer Loyalty Using AI and Personalization Like Amazon, Netflix, and Starbucks. He’s been a regular and top-rated speaker at multiple Digital Summit events.

Sterling has over 15 years of Digital Marketing experience in helping Fortune 500 companies increase online visibility. He and Kip discussed what it takes to create a brand that people want to buy from or engage with over and over — and more, including:

[01:35] Why AI is important to building customer loyalty and to building a brand
[03:25] AI case study examples that marketers can relate to
[05:00] Sterling’s inspiration for writing Binge Worthy Branding
[08:10] Other brands he wishes he’d included in the book
[10:04] His take on “dead” traditional branding and marketing
[13:10] Discussion about key branding tips from Sterling’s Digital Summit at Home August session

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