The Secrets to B2B Lead Generation

July 21, 2021

This video illustrates how to find your target B2B audience, how to engage your audience, and how to convert your audience. 

The 5 most important things for B2B lead generation:

  1. Target the customer with precision. 
  2. Have a consistent multi-channel messaging strategy from the top of the funnel to the bottom (and post funnel). 
  3. Offer them undeniable value at each step.
  4. Cut through the clutter with offers they want.
  5. Time it all correctly: sequencing, day of the week, time of the day, and more.

The Keys to B2B lead generation (4:18)

First, how do you know who to target? Use Google Analytics (or another analytics solution) and find all the characteristics of your highest converters. Then, take a look at where your competitors are spending (but keep in mind that they might not be doing it right!). Next, you need to figure out what is in-between where you are and where they are. 

There are different ways to think about each social media (10:56)

  • SEO: Answers to questions 
  • Paid Media: Awareness, nurture, convert
  • Media Buys: Awareness, Consideration 
  • Outbound: Targeted 
  • Social Media: Nurture, Awareness, Convert 
  • PR: Awareness 
  • Reporting and Analytics: Tracking results 
  • Events and Offers: The core of it all 

Offers are the key to B2B lead generation (12:20) 

  • Quizzes and calculators: Find the biggest pain point and use it for a micro-conversion
  • Events: Host an event, sponsor industry event and provide an offer
  • Industry study: Create your own industry study, gate it, use it for a press pitch or link bait 
  • Awards: Create a list of the top awards in your industry and win them, and create your own awards for partners and clients 

There are 3 types of video formats you should know for ads (16:20) 

  1. The explainer: Start with a strong problem statement, introduce the product as a solution, explain the benefits  
  2. The product demo: Lead by showing the product heroically, show the benefits
  3. The straight offer: Lead with offer, CTA, for those that want it 


Run top of funnel to bottom funnel, segmented remarketing ads (18:10) 

Persona-based audience targeting (From top to bottom of the funnel): 

Persona-based audience targeting -> All site visitors -> page segments -> look-a-like and similar audiences -> email list remarketing 

 Ad sequencing by platform: 

Landing page -> all site visitors -> top pages -> page segments -> remarketing 


Data analytics system to track B2B leads (26:15)

  1. Measure blueprint: What do you need to launch?
  2. Analytics launchpad: Implementation of all tracking code 
  3. Mission control center: Build all reports and dashboards 

There is stuff happening everywhere. It is important to bring it together to one location. 


What do you do once you have a lead? (27:34) 

You need to nurture it with ads, social media, and email marketing, etc. Email marketing is the most important. 

You can capture emails with gated content:

Gated content rules: Provide prospectors with valuable information for their email addresses. Content can be a white paper, videos, ebooks, etc. Ensure the form is integrated with your ESP to immediately trigger email automation. 


You can use a welcome email to kick off email campaigns:

Use a welcome automation once contacts are in your database. These emails welcome new subscribers, establish strong branding and engage during high-interest periods.

Use abandonment automation to capture the contacts about to fall through the cracks. 


Final takeaways (32:56) 

  1. Specific targeting is critical. 
  2. Accurate tracking allows you to turn the knob on what’s working.
  3. Top of funnel to bottom of funnel remapping in ads and landing pages. 
  4. Great offers. Outline all the offers your customers want to get and test them.
  5. Email is critical.

Continue to scale what works. 


John Lincoln - Ignite Visibility Speaker – John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility

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