Kill the Website Relaunch! Replace It with an Iterative, Results-driven Approach

September 22, 2019

Zack Rosen | CEO, Pantheon

What are the two most horrifying words in all of marketing? “Website Relaunch.” There is a better way: Agile. Agile is a proven approach that avoids stakeholder nightmares and Gantt chart hell and, most importantly, enables website teams to drive outsized results. Companies that are winning at digital marketing are not betting all of their budget on a mythical two- or three-year website relaunch project; they work like product teams: iterating their website weekly and focusing on delivering results. This is how Tableau grew its business by 4x to $1 billion in revenue run rate in five years, and how the ACLU raised more money ($24 million) in 48 hours than it did in the prior seven years combined.