Session Details

eventJune 12
schedule4:00 pm - 4:00 pm
location_on Room 3

There’s Nothing Artificial about Biases in AI

With artificial intelligence transforming creative working practices, the industry has been left wondering whether computers are now able to automate the creative process. However, far from making creative professionals redundant, AI is increasing demand for creativity and content – algorithms need to learn from somewhere! With this comes a responsibility to understand how these algorithms learn and make predictions in a world where data is not always unbiased or aligned with core values of a brand. This session will delve into understanding algorithmic bias and how creatives are integral to solving how we can ensure AI is fair and inclusive. After this session, you’ll be able to:
  • Understand how biases manifest themselves in algorithms
  • Use AI to find authentic imagery for brand campaigns
  • Develop a toolkit of strategies and best practices for keeping the human, creative element in the AI algorithmic models and processes
Brand Strategy
UX & Design