Session Details

eventAugust 17
schedule4:00 pm - 4:00 pm
location_on Room 2

Create Testimonial Videos that Connect with Your Target Audience

The word testimonial could not sound more outdated and, frankly, boring. Yet there remains no more effective a way to plant an idea in a person’s brain than to hear it from another human being who is both experienced and trustworthy. How can we establish that kind of credibility in video form - and how can we engage a viewer to keep them wanting more as opposed to skipping out before the message has gotten across? This session will take today’s hottest buzzword - ‘storytelling’ - and make good use of it, breaking down necessary elements to create testimonial videos for B2B or B2C use, so your target audience can tell themselves, “this speaks to me and to what I want.”

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply narrative and content tactics that make a video appealing and not too ‘salesy.’
  • Develop video content that stands out in today’s noisy world
  • Effectively communicate to your video team (in-house or outsourced) on what enhances your branded content vs. what hurts it

This session is for digital marketers who are already using or considering using video to disperse their brand messaging to consumers and potential partners.