Session Details

eventMay 17
schedule3:40 pm - 3:40 pm
location_on Room 2

Right & Wrong: Lessons in Shareable Content

Grabbing attention is a science and an art. Best practices may get you 90% of the way there, but that final 10% requires something unexpected. Your audience can smell advertising a mile away, so how do you get past their filter? This talk discusses a process to arrive at unexpected messaging along with a checklist for evaluating your work. For examples, we turn to the world of late night television which has followed similar principles for years. After this session, you’ll be able to:
  • Create a checklist to evaluate if content has an unexpected element to capture attention
  • Balance data-driven best practices with artful rule bending
  • Sell a framework and approach for content creation within the organization to allow for boldness in experimentation
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