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Refining the Rolodex: Position Your Brand for Prospects Who Have the Highest Probability of Converting

Strong brands don't target everyone with the belief that anyone can be a customer. Strong brands go after the select few with a specific message that speaks to the bottom-line heart pain they solve for those audiences. If you want to create a brand that wins more work, it starts with deciding who you serve and why. This session will teach you how to refine your target audiences, as well as uncover key messaging that will deeply resonate with each, so your brand gets more of the right prospects to the right table at the right time.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Systematically hone in on your target audiences to the select those who most critically need what you offer and have the highest probability of buying
  • Clearly define what “ideal” looks like for your target audiences by building a robust set of buyer criteria, including demographics and psychographics
  • Utilize a simple root-cause-analysis technique to uncover and leverage language that speaks to the bottom-line heart pain you solve for each target audience
Consumer Behavior
Lead Gen / Conversion / Retention