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The New Rules of Email Marketing

Are your email campaigns fully optimized for success? Are your subject lines as good as they need to be? Do you have the right technology, processes, and strategy in place to enable maximum deliverability on your campaigns?

The pandemic has caused a major shift in email consumption patterns, creating a huge opportunity to make your email marketing strategy more powerful than ever before.

As automation becomes more sophisticated and content becomes more dynamic, there are exciting new ways for you to provide a positive user experience and deliver value to the end recipient, even when you’re trying to sell.

During this session, TOP Worldwide CEO Ben Kaplan will explore the new techniques, technologies, and tactics that will make your emails more relevant and increase opens, clicks, and conversions. Whether you’re looking to drive new business, build awareness of a promotion, improve retention rates, or launch a new product, Ben’s methods are applicable and proven to succeed across all email marketing objectives.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Use more advanced metrics beyond opens and clicks to help optimize your campaign
  • Utilize different technologies and systems to get more deliverability
  • Design your emails to enable people to process information more quickly
  • Make your emails more relevant with personalization and dynamic content
  • Use time triggers to increase conversion
  • Set up automation and follow up sequences to increase overall engagement
  • Go from individual emails to a more marketing automation approach
  • Know when to do fancy design or plain text email
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