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Lights, Camera, Inaction? The Hollywood Storytelling Secrets Missing from your Data Presentations

What’s scarier than creepy, drooling zombies in a horror movie? Creepy, drooling zombies in your data presentation audience! For analytics and marketing practitioners everywhere, the struggle with presenting insights to bored, confused, and zombified stakeholders and clients is anything but fiction. At the heart of this struggle is a simple yet dastardly villain: not knowing the mechanics for telling engaging and motivating data stories.

This talk will illuminate the elements that make Hollywood so compelling and how they can kickstart your otherwise dry presentations. With her signature blend of practical, neuroscience-based principles and irreverent “tough love," Lea will equip you with a fresh data storytelling script that will have your stakeholders finally understanding your insights and shouting “Action!” by the end.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the top “kiss of death” presentation practices plaguing your slides and charts
  • Get inside your audience's heads and understand exactly why they keep tuning you out
  • Understand what story mechanics actually are and how they apply to your data
  • Apply simple and powerful strategies sourced straight from classic and modern storytelling examples

This session is for digital marketers who are responsible for presenting insights and recommendations to stakeholders and want to keep them awake during business meetings.

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