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eventJanuary 1

Last Night a DJ Rocked Your Brand: Lessons from the Booth for your Brand

In this session, you will learn the secrets to becoming a "Brand DJ"—a marketer who can take content from different sources (UGC, branded content, ads, reputational content) and create a content mix that can get the audience to take action. This fun session with special guest DJ Mark Divita, will show you how to leverage the tactics of successful DJs to distribute and curate branded content. At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:
  • Understand and act on the power of social listening
  • Adapt your content program to meet changing needs of the audience
  • Experience a "Day in the Life" of the "Brand DJs" on the Southwest Social Media team and see how it applies to your organization
  • Reimagine your approach to content development to take an audience-first approach
  • Better understand the role that UGC and personalized content play in a “content playlist”
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