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Creating a Keyword Research Driven SEO Strategy

Keyword research has always been a thing that people just say ""to do."" There isn't really a guide to help people understand how to do keyword research correctly. What tools do you use? Where do you find relevant information or keywords? What do you prioritize? How do you take all that data and turn it into an SEO plan that hits every part of the buying funnel? In this session, Connor will share tactics for doing keyword research effectively and then using that data to make an actionable SEO plan with real business outcomes.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Execute actionable keyword research
  • Determine what is worth pursuing when it comes to keyword research, and what tools to use
  • Build an SEO plan that targets relevant users in each section of the buying funnel

This session is for digital marketers who are struggling with keyword research, data, and making comprehensive SEO plans, and are looking for new ways to tackle it.

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