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How to Build a Winning Influencer Marketing Strategy

Great influencer marketing has the ability to drive outputs and outcomes far beyond social media. The influencer marketing world has grown up. Data integrity, measurement, payment standards, and overall accountability are here to stay and are constantly being enhanced. This session will dive into how you can seamlessly integrate influencer marketing into your larger digital marketing strategy, unshackle this exciting tactic, and reap the rewards of access to new audiences and diverse content creation that can be used across all channels. This session is for brand marketers both new to influencer marketing as well as those seasoned in the space and looking to refresh their influencer approach.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Have a focused structure for augmenting your influencer marketing program
  • Follow a three-act structure of Plan, Activate, Measure
  • Expand your vision for what influencer campaigns can accomplish
  • More efficiently measure the outcomes of your influencer programs
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