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Marketing to the Impulse Generation

What if everything you knew about persona development, content generation, and engagement strategy was wrong? What if your digital campaign is underperforming because the methods you’ve been taught to use are merely warmed over broadcast tactics? The truth is, most organizations are using outdated methodologies to understand how people engage, consume information, and make purchases. The opportunity isn't to slice and dice audiences based on traditional psychographics and demographics - it’s to identify similarities across generations to better maximize engagement and spend.

This session will focus on The Impulse Generation: a group that spans every generation who have been reprogrammed by digital devices and, as a result, consume information, engage, and make purchasing decisions nearly identically. This session will show you how to win with this generation as a marketer by understanding, capitalizing on, and acting on these similarities for breakthrough results.

After this session you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the similarities that transcend generations when it comes to consuming information, engaging, and making purchasing decisions
  • Develop campaigns, strategies, and content that exploit these similarities
  • Deliver more cost-efficient, results-driven marketing

Any digital marketer looking to exceed expectations for engagement and conversion in a time when the pressure is greater than ever to deliver measurable results should attend this session.

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