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How to Use Immersive Technology to Turn Your Customer into a Brand Ambassador

Consumers want a personalized, emotional experience, with increasing pressure to show innovation from brands. But how do you give consumers what they want, when they want it? And how do brands build an authentic, positive relationship with the consumer? Tech-enabled experiences provide an opportunity to gain insights on your customers (their needs, motivations, etc.), and become more influential in their purchasing decisions. Whether it be digital platforms, AR, VR, AI, holograms, or NFTs, the gamification of the consumer experience is an example of the way brands can optimize consumer interactions to increase sales, analyze customer engagement, and measure partnerships.

Join James Giglio, CEO of MVP Interactive as he discusses how you can leverage tech-enabled experiences to connect with consumers, and influence opinion using immersive technology. James will also walk you through how to turn customers into brand ambassadors. It’s time to turn your passive consumer experience into an interactive journey.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Apply best practices and proven storytelling techniques when creating content in AR, VR, and XR... and have it Metaverse ready
  • Integrate your physical space with a digital experience
  • Make consumers active participants and impact their buying experiences, while increasing sales
  • Duplicate real life examples from brands, highlighting implementation and success with using immersive technology to connect with consumers
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