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eventNovember 15
schedule3:35 pm - 3:35 pm
location_on Room 1

How to Win the UX War on the Corporate Battle Field

If user experience is a key differentiator for products and websites, why aren’t stakeholders willing to invest the time and resources to ensure design is a top priority? While advocating for user experience at a large company can feel at times like a battlefield, we can transform it into one that values the importance of designing with the user in mind. In the corporate trenches, you will need to use motivating tactics to bring UX into the forefront and make a design priority; however, there are some obstacles along the way. If you would like your company to take a more focused approach to UX but are having trouble gaining support from leadership, there is hope. During this session, Johnson & Johnson’s Director of UI/UX Services will share battle tested strategies and tools for those on the front line, bringing your company one step closer to fully embracing a culture of great user experience. After this session, you’ll be able to:
  • Diagnose and overcome common obstacles marketers face when convincing colleagues and management to prioritize user experience
  • Create a strategy to effectively communicate the benefits of design to your organization
  • Build stakeholder trust and confidence by articulating the value of good UX
  • Identify allies who will help build momentum on your journey to promoting a user-centric culture
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