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Are You Listening? Follow the Data to Truly Connect with Your Audience

Even the best B2B strategies can fall flat if your message isn’t reaching the right audience. So, how do you know who your digital audiences really are? With data insights from a social listening tool, you can develop social personas that impact your digital experience. In this session, Megan Conley, CEO and Founder of Social Tribe, discusses how to use data from social listening to understand your audience and their behaviors. She’ll then explain how to turn those learnings into a social persona that helps you craft a more personal, relatable social experience that increases awareness, engagement, and more. With the right social personas, you’ll have better informed paid, organic, influencer, and content strategies to fuel your future success.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Apply proven processes and approaches for using social listening tools
  • Create social personas to craft more personal experiences that increase awareness and engagement
  • Effectively use the data gained from social listening to improve the digital pieces you create and the experiences you present to your audience

This session is for B2B digital marketers who have several years’ experience with social media marketing and want to understand how to incorporate data to develop stronger connections with their audience.

Consumer Behavior
Customer Engagement
Data & Analytics
Social Media