Session Details

eventOctober 4
schedule1:55 pm - 1:55 pm
location_on Room 3

Designing for Turing: Voice, AI, and the Future of CX

Much of UX and Design work in the past has been about presenting semi-static content and transactional functionality on screens of varying form factors. Today, with Voice and AI, all the typical interaction patterns need to be reevaluated. Use cases that weren’t even previously feasible now have to be considered. And the very nature of the content and functionality CX practitioners are designing for is in flux like never before. How do we design AI to not only be intelligent, but helpful? What should the interplay of interaction patterns (voice, touch, anticipatory design, etc) look like? How should security, privacy, and accessibility factor in? This talk is about where we go from here as an industry and the important role UX and Design plays in that. After this session you will be able to:
  • Understand the current industry trends around voice-enabled technology and artificial intelligence and how they impact yoru business.
  • Understand the the spectrum of design, adoption, privacy, security, accessibility implications of voice technologies and AI
  • Actively participate developing the future trends of voice and AI as part of your overall business and marketing strategies
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