Session Details

eventSeptember 21
schedule2:30 pm - 2:30 pm
location_on Room 2

#FeelingsMatter: Creating Emotional Customer Connections

Just like defining the look of your brand to create familiarity and defining brand voice to create connection, if you don’t define what you want customers to feel, then you’re not going to influence how they experience your products, services, and marketing. 90% of buying decisions are made subconsciously, yet 89% of consumers don’t feel a personal connection to the brands they’re buying. There’s a huge opportunity to establish an emotional connection that will strengthen your relationship with the customer. This session will outline tactics using the neuroscience of emotion to develop a well-rounded brand that offers customers something of greater long-term value than just the solution to an immediate problem.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how emotion impacts purchase decisions, sales, and customer loyalty
  • Implement emotional awareness into your brand strategy
  • Define and track KPIs related to emotional brand messaging

Who should attend?
This session is for senior digital marketers who have responsibility for branding decisions within their organizations.

Brand Strategy
Marketing Strategy