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eventJanuary 1

CRO for Content Marketers

Content marketing is the soil in which inbound marketing grows. It is a beacon for the search engines and the source of valuable, lead-generating content. And developing content is expensive. We can only justify creating more content if we can increase the revenue generated for each content visitor. Enter Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO. Conversion optimization is a discipline designed to deliver more leads, subscribers and customers from the traffic your content is earning. This workshop will show content marketers how to maximize the revenue that flows from their content efforts through inbound leads and sales. After this session, you’ll be able to:
  • Setup a digital marketing laboratory
  • Get started with behavioral science basics
  • Define the chemistry of a lead-generating content page
  • Use analytics to value content
  • Implement heatmaps and user testing to evaluate web pages
  • Start AB testing
  • Receive a professional critique of your content pages
Each attendee should come with content creative or a blog they wish to improve and a laptop. Our day together is designed to answer the burning questions that marketers and management have.
  • The magical equation you've been optimizing for, but didn't know it.
  • The metrics content marketers should pay attention to.
  • Calculate the value of a reader, prospect and customer.
  • Build high-converting content pages.
  • How to get bigger content budgets from higher conversion rates.
  • The rules of behavioral science -- that you already know.
  • The tools you should always have at your fingertips.
  • How to use heatmaps to improve page layouts.
  • Using analytics to grade your content and traffic.
  • Why Bounce Rate is a poor indicator of content effectiveness.
  • The sources of data you can tap for amazing insights.
  • Keeping designers and copywriters honest.
  • How to outgrow competitors with more resources.
  • Dealing with executive interference.
  • How to evaluate for crazy ideas that "just might work."
  • Transcend your IT department.
  • How to decide what to change, what to leave the same, and what to test.
  • Writing great survey questions.
  • How to run a focus group from your desk.
  • Managing content for a website redesign.
  • How to develop ads that deliver qualified readers.
Who should attend?
This workshop will be very effective for any business that is selling online or generating leads for the business online.
  • Digital marketers
  • Business owners
  • CMOs
  • Designers
  • UX professionals
  • Copywriters
About Your Instructor
Brian Massey has been teaching and writing about digital marketing since 2005. He donned a lab coat in 2007 and created one of the first conversion optimization agencies, Conversion Sciences. Today, he is an international speaker and teacher on digital marketing concepts, and author of the book Your Customer Creation Equation.