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Cluster Analysis: The Key to Personalizing Your Marketing Strategy

Implementing personalization in marketing strategies is successful in capturing target audiences, but altering messages and approaches to each unique customer can be costly and time-consuming. So, how can we guarantee that it is the best way to cater to them? This is where customer segmentation through cluster analysis can help. This session will teach you to use your data to build a unique personalization strategy that your competitors can’t copy or buy.

By choosing relevant consumer factors, such as buying behavior, pageviews, or location, you can let your data form its own market personas for you. Once you have these personas, you will be able to use methods to observe how these groups are formed. From here, whenever you receive a new customer, you will be able to better predict which persona cluster they are most likely to fall into. Not only will cluster analyses be able to assist you in understanding each unique persona and what contributes to them, but this will also help you build a better-informed and data-backed marketing strategy.

Together, we will follow every step of the cluster analysis journey by focusing on raw data collection, customer segmentation, data-driven personas, and even additional experiments we can perform to optimize our marketing approach. You'll walk away with tangible steps to design a better personalization marketing strategy that can be applied to all different specialties of data and industries.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Apply top data science methods to segment customers
  • Create data driven segment personas
  • Activate the segment personas
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