Session Details

The Secrets of Product Marketing and Business Success

Building a great product, recruiting and retaining a loyal consumer base, and leading a successful company are goals most professionals and entrepreneurs aspire to achieve. There are many cogs in the machine that drive success in these areas. This session will highlight how to effectively use marketing to influence the products we build and lead us toward overall business success. Within product-led companies, effective marketing acts as a first-round influencer to draw consumers in by allowing them to understand your perspective and the value of your product. Product marketer Jessica Muñoz will discuss how marketing shapes the consumer/product relationship and why developing products with the brand story in mind is worth your time.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Better illustrate the value of your products to draw your customers in
  • Implement product-led marketing campaigns to boost overall company success
  • Develop a people-based marketing strategy to help shape the consumer/product relationship
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