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5 Keys to Building a Fearless and Brilliant Marketing Team

Everyone wants a team they can rely on. They want a team that will problem solve, self correct, and innovate to keep your marketing relevant; all without hand holding. Despite that desire, many leaders create situations and systems that unintentionally hold otherwise stellar marketing teams back from achieving what they're capable of. In this session, you'll discover what these factors are, how to root them out, and how to help your existing team members reach their potential. Learn how to create the team of your dreams to hit your marketing goals and beyond.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Walk away with a worksheet designed to help leaders identify and close broken feedback loops for tight and fast-paced communication
  • Reduce fear among team members to increase experimentation and innovation
  • Identify and eliminate systemic taxes currently slowing your team down
  • Apply tactical models for key information sharing and transparency among team members
Culture, Impact & Leadership
Marketing Operations