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We’re Not So Different You and I: Blending Content and Product Offerings

Content marketers are often met with opinions that content is a secondary add-on that is only worth monitoring over a long period of time. These misconceptions run rampant in the marketing culture. Top autofill search results for the phrase “is content marketing…” turn up results like: “is content marketing worth it;"" “is content marketing dead;"" “is content marketing digital marketing;"" and “is content marketing effective."" Autofill results for a search of “is content…” turn up: “is content still king;"" “is content creation a skill;"" “is content creation profitable;"" and “is content creator a real job."" Yikes.

The issue many teams face is the limited view that content is somehow disconnected from the broader company strategy, and therefore less impactful. Creating a culture shift that focuses on the similarities between content and product is a logical step that will help product teams boost conversions, and content teams show actionable payoff. In this session, you'll learn how to blend your content and product offerings, leading to content strategies that are seen as imperative, not secondary.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Effectively blend your content and products to create a culture within your company where content is seen as connected and impertive to the broader strategy
  • Orient your product and content strategies around data-driven storytelling
  • Define the relationships between content and product teams, making it easier for everyone involved to understand each other
  • Keep these core questions at the center of both your content and product teams' work: How are we helping? Why should our customers care? How do we deliver those answers most effectively?
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