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eventJanuary 1

Beyond Personas and the Customer Journey: The Next Step for CX Succes

User experience isn’t just the designer's responsibility anymore. With the increasing availability of robust digital marketing tools, and the ability to implement and launch campaigns without the need for IT deployment support - the reality is that the marketing department is often responsible for the initial touchpoints of the customer experience. As such, there are a few core 'design thinking' principles that should be a part of every marketer’s playbook. The first step, Identifying your Personas; and the second step, Documenting the User Journey, continue to be discussed and workshopped, but what comes after that? TRACS is the third step. It focuses on conducting customer journey touchpoint inventory, current condition assessments, and ultimately provides recommendations for service design modifications or integrated marketing campaigns. TRACS utilizes existing research, VOC, customer journeys, and marketing strategies to identify the various business goals and user needs—maps them to touchpoints and then offers a method to test and measure that those needs have been met. This workshop is relevant to anyone that has to cater to a customer or users needs. We've utilized the methodology on B2B, B2C, SaaS, and use it within our user experience practice overall. You can utilize your current digital strategy and analytics, or we will provide you with a compliment of assets and an interactive workbook to complete the workshop and assist you on implementation when you get back to the office. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Use existing strategy, customer research, and journey mapping to inform upcoming activities
  • Effectively break down the complexity of each phase in the journey, allowing for a hyper-focus on specific touchpoints
  • Integrate existing analytics and identify areas for investigation
  • Reduce the overall "churn" associated with marketing campaign execution
  • Accurately share the resulting thinking across the organization
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